Dear Photographers :: Authentic images and how its done in my world.

Know yourself and what works for you. 
  • What worked for me as a photographer or others might not work for you. Know how you work best and go with that.
  • Network, explore and try new things, but in the end do you and love you.
  • Learn, learn and keep learning about best practices in photography.
  • Never be afraid to ask and learn with others.
  • Do what looks best to you. You are the artist.
  • Know what love looks like… what makes you feel love… think on that. (dance, touch, words – etc)
Know your clients // do what works for them
  • use questionnaires 
  • meet up/phone conversation
  • Make connections to get common ground
  • Get them loving you so on the day of the wedding the temp is set and mood is set in your favor. 
  • Using prompts may work, but really getting to know your client is key to uncover personality and how they work in front of the camera.
  • Go to a memory that induces loving or happy thoughts.
  • Pose clients as needed. Think about what lovers do to show love physically. (Hand holding – etc)
  • TALK – Develop a relationship – Ask them about the wedding. Learn their roles in the wedding planning process.
Know the location 
  • (scout) or at least always be watchful of the surrounding area and always looking for a beautiful image. 
  • Have locations ready to suggest for clients so that you aren’t fighting with other photographers during your session… I find having time alone with my clients is key.
  • Have back up locations in your pocket and ready to suggest.
  • Work with the space given… push yourself to try and make it work.
  • Get that large scene image to show the surrounding area in which you shot their session.