Who is Ester?

Ester is not one person but two. They are sisters, Mary and Molly. Our favorite photographs are often the ones that are un-posed. A natural record of life when you think no one is looking. It is a more real depiction of the client. We cherish family photos, they are a vital part of visually connecting generations. The name Ester comes from our Great Grandmother, Ester Lyons and Cobe is the maiden name of our Grandma Lois on our father’s side. Because our past has influenced us greatly, we created a business that will hopefully inspire our family and our clients’ families for generations to come.

The Photographers:


I know Christ as my Lord and Savior. I love every season but spring and fall are my favorites. This most likely has to do with how vibrant the colors are. I laugh a lot and often find that it is the way someone says something rather than what they are saying. I would rather hang out with my family and my dog max any day. I know it sounds like I am a hermit but I promise I am not… honestly we have so much fun together! If I could go antiquing everyday… I would. I lived in Italy… and I miss it everyday. I have been known to sing what I am trying to say… so don’t be alarmed. I have a degree in art and visual art education. I am a commission portrait artist… I draw people’s portrait not just photograph them. With drawing the focused is on the line, shadows, textures, and composition of the human body and it’s surroundings much like photography. Drawing is and will always be apart of my life. Drawing and photography have the potential to visual record personality and life. When you are dealing with people the depiction of life and personality are important, don’t you think? I love drawing and I also possess the same feelings for photography. Photography may not be recorded mind to hand like drawing - but similarly to drawing you have to know and decide how you want to see the world… and in result how your viewer will be influenced by what you see.


I am a Christ follower first and foremost! I am a wife to my very supportive husband Michael. God blessed our family with Leighton in May 2013 and Finley in 2015 and they are my heart. I dance and sing with passion when a song I enjoy comes on the radio - Mary laughs at me for this… but its all in fun. Truth: When Mary and I were younger we would record music videos (us lip sinking and dancing about in the kitchen with our mom). Another truth: When we were little, Mary and I would do "photo shoots" of each other with our parents cameras pretending to be super models. {Sorry Mary it's out!} I am the lady behind the blog, emails, and Facebook. I have always looked for a creative means to express myself - Through dance, singing, theatre, art, teaching, and photography. I hold a Elementary Education degree with a minor in Art and a Masters in Reading Instruction. Traveling is a serious passion of mine and I have been fortunate enough to marry a man who also shares that passion. I am so blessed to have been abroad many times and each time I am so completely filled with joy to be immersed in the surrounding art and history. I love learning new things, especially through hands on experiences. When I do something, I put my heart into it. Yup, I will probably tear up a bit while photographing you… I'm a total softy!

Time seems to rush by so quickly in life. There are so many beautiful moments that have come and gone in the blink of an eye that are thankfully preserved in photographs and frozen in time. An amazing camera was always been apart of our family. Looking all excited for our first day of school with doll in hand, a little me with pigtails holding my newborn brother, or my sister and I all dressed up in our sparkling ballet outfits - polka dotted with chicken pox. These photographs evoke emotion and help me remember the little details that sometimes get forgotten in this busy world. Now that I am all grown up, I enjoy asking my family members what they remember about each picture - each memory. On vacations my husband jokes that my camera is the third person on our trip. Although when we return home… those photographs are the link to our wonderful memories and reliving those beautiful moments. Let us capture your precious moments in time to cherish forever.

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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