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My littles love their mama.

Monday mornings and sometimes one other day a week we go into nature and soak up all that surrounds us.

We listen to birds. We ponder which one made each sound.

We feel the tall grass and fallen leaves.

We smell flowers and collect things from nature to craft with or keep in our bucket until next week’s adventure.

We don’t always go when its warm and dry, but hey, its not always warm or dry outside!

Sometimes its a game that we play like finding pirate coins, and sometimes its just because nature is lovely to explore.

We aren’t always happy we we start, but we are always changed for the better by the end of our walk. (Mom too)

We have been doing this for two years and I like it. I have made great friends, learned how to be a better mom, and gained patience.

Also, I take photographs each time…. those sweet photos of my babies from two years ago and all the way to today are priceless.

Here we are on November 1, 2017… A lovely, cloudy, wet day – and yet we had fun!



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