Thumb Sucker | 4 Months | Michigan Baby Photographers | Ester Cobe

Our little man is 4 months! Somewhere in the last month he decided to be a thumb sucker. He started doing it at night to pacify himself, and then while he played during the day too. He is such a sweet boy… better than I ever expected a baby to be. Knowing him is to know the most love ever felt. I am so honored to be his mommy. And I know Mary is just nuts over him too! She recently took some family shots of Mike, Leighton and Myself. Mike and I aren’t the best subjects to photograph… and Leighton was tired by the time we started. He was all fingers in his mouth and no smiles. I guess I should have listened to my own advise and shot at a time that is best for the baby… not for mom and dad!