Fresh 48 // New Sibling to Love // Michigan Professional Newborn Photographer

For those who want to document those small quiet moments before birth let me introduce you to Fresh 48 sessions. These sessions are perfect for the family who values incredible photography and knows this time is short and sweet and life changing. The birth of your first, second or sixth child is monumental. For me, as a mother of two, my children are my all. They are my nights and days… so investing in photography is something that makes perfect sense to me. I want these moments frozen in time. This short time, this rush of hormones and fresh life. I want to remember it for aways. I will tell you that I don’t remember all of it because for me my labors took FOREVER. By the time each was born I was so tired and SO very glad someone else had a camera in hand to document each moment. Those images are gold.

This sweet girl is number three in her family, a beautiful family who I have known forever. She is now going on two. How can that be??? I know her mama is super glad to have these images to look back on and remember when she was this small. I know I cherish my own fresh 48 images.