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EsterCobe 52 Week 1 :: Phoneography Tips & Tricks with Molly B of Ester Cobe Photography // The Photojournalistic Black + White Photograph

Professional photographs are a special treat. Something you book a few times a year… so what about the day to day life within your home? Who is documenting the beauty that exists on the day to day basis? The precious acts of love that occur daily… the moments that slip by silently until you think…

Photography Tips on Documenting Baby // Milford Michigan Photographer, Ester Cobe

New Baby at home and you want to document all the things! First, know that time FLIES by. Yes, the nights can be long, but before you know it baby is in the next size clothes or diapers. It just happens quick! I had my first at 32 and quickly turned the hospital photographer away….