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EsterCobe52 Week 32 // Intentions

In order to do anything well you must first set your intentions. The coming of 2021 has most setting goals or intentions for the year. When starting this 52 week challenge I knew some weeks might not be as easy to execute as others. I knew some topics might not flow as easy as others….

EsterCobe52 week 31 // Celebrations

I think I typed the topic ten times before coming to a suitable word. 2020 has been an interesting year, and while I recognize the struggle and bad, I also see the good. I really do try to highlight what its good. I do this whenever I photograph my adventuresome boys while they are inside…

EsterCobe52 Week 29 // Tradition

Each December we have special traditions. I ALWAYS attempt to document my sweet boys as they enjoy this magical time of year. It can be extra busy and I may not get a chance to edit and publish any of these moments after the photo is taken, but that is why I love my cell…