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EsterCobe52 Week 38 // Sweet

St. Valentines was Sunday. We did the typical at home dinner with candles. We haven’t been out for valentines day in YEARS. I know we are the odd balls, and that is just fine. In late 2019 I stopped drinking coffee, using refined sugar and using dairy. Yup, 2020 was interesting on all levels. However,…

EsterCobe52 Week 36 // Winter

Winter is here for a few more weeks according to a special little groundhog. Yes, this sunny second day in Febs is casting shadows all over the place. With winter here to stay for a bit longer, why not find some fun ways to document your 2021 winter season?! My kiddos have been hiking, skiing,…

EsterCobe52 Week 35 // Sleep

Catching your babies sleep is such a delight. My kiddos are only sleeping during dark hours, so this is more difficult than when they were babies and taking naps. BUT, adjust and adapt to life as it is ever changing <3 So if you have a napping subject, use the beautiful power of natural light….