EsterCobe52 Week 20 // Change

Everything is changing. 2020 is slowly going into hibernation and preparing for the new year. Most are super excited about that. Green leaves are turning to yellow, orange, red and browns in preparation for winter. We are all slowly agreeing that Summer has gone… Fall is here and is escaping out the nearest door as soon as possible.

This week is all about change.

I am naturally resistant to change, holding on to everything. I hold on to baby clothes, photographs (of course), high school memorabilia, and all the art work that the kiddos make! <3 I know it isn’t the healthiest way to live and so I am working diligently for change to wash over me.

For week 20 document change. What does change look like for you?

To conclude, here are some ideas: Birthday, any milestone photo, pictures of baby clothes, piles of old things. For me the changing colors in the fall are the perfect ideal of a beautiful and welcomed change.

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