EsterCobe52 Week 27 // Fleeting Moments

The start of December always makes me nostalgic over the year’s memories and experiences. Christmas time for me involves exterior illumination and decorating to the max the first week of December. Some years I do get the tree up earlier, but I like to match the Whitehouse Tree lighting and National Christmas Tree day is December 8th. So the whole week is ALL about the tree at our house.

This week the topic is “fleeting Moments” and that is a pretty wide topic. For me this week its the holiday memories we make each year. What a blessing too have my little guys. They literally couldn’t WAIT to get that tree up and decorated. My kids are 7 & 5 and each year is different and magical in its’ own way. They change so much year to year. This year I basically have a Stygimoloch dinosaur. Yes, you read that right. The younger one is part Dino.

What fleeting moments can you capture this week?

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