EsterCobe52 Week 22 // Costumed

Halloween is such a fun time of the year. I know not everyone celebrates, but we all get dressed up from time to time. Even before my hubs and I have children we donned our favorite historical character outfits and attended a dinner party with friends. I honestly think we need more dinner parties in this world. More time for community and connection. That is another post. <3

How to document your costume

  • Set the scene
    • Make sure your surroundings are fitting for your outfit. Pumpkins, the front door, a lovely fall tree or a backdrop will help set the scene.
  • Timing is everything
    • If you are photographing your children do it before they go off to trick or treat. They are Moore likely to smile and participate BEFORE starting. Same goes for you. Make sure to snap a selfie or have someone photograph you at the beginning of the night when your makeup and outfit are fresh.
  • Plan ahead
    • Make this part of the whole plan. If you set the intention ahead of time and make it a priority it is more likely to happen.
  • When all else fails
    • This year we forgot to take a photo in front of our door with our fun halloween decor. We procrastinated and ended up taking photos a week later. Hey, at least its been documented!

Here is our 2019… adding 2020 soon!

how to photograph your family halloween