EsterCobe52 Week 36 // Winter

Winter is here for a few more weeks according to a special little groundhog. Yes, this sunny second day in Febs is casting shadows all over the place. With winter here to stay for a bit longer, why not find some fun ways to document your 2021 winter season?!

My kiddos have been hiking, skiing, ice skating and building forts in the snow since it made its appearance with the seasons first snow. I have spent countless hours watching them enjoy this season and it brings me such joy to see my children laughing and engaging in outdoor fun. I was a late bloomer on loving this season, but have been all over winter since my oldest was two. Surprise, surprise, winter is now my favorite season of the year.

This #EsterCobe52 can be whatever winter means to you! I can’t wait to see what you share! Will it be macro images of snowflakes (Snowflake Bentley baby!), shoveling snow or lots of snow play? Show us!

Snow play, Winter photographs, photography challenge

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