EsterCobe52 Week 26 // Grateful

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Thanksgiving week

This year looks a bit different, but perhaps we are all feeling a bit more fortunate for all that we have. The above photograph was taken way back in 2013 on our first thanksgiving with my precious first son.

This year we waited in anticipatiion and uncertainty of how to move forward with planning for our thanksgiving feast. We typically do all of the family, but 2020 has been anything but typical. Covid hit my family the Saturday before thanksgiving which put us all in a lock down. We wanted to be safe. My mom works on the Covid unit at Providence and was now our favorite daily FaceTime buddy as we checked in with her a few times a day to make sure she was healing and had all she needed. Oh 2020…

We prepped for a small, gluten free, dairy free, Thanksgiving celebration complete with candles. The kids LOVED it. I think better than all of the large gathering stuff we usually do each year. My girlfriend shared a family photo and urged me to take one as well. Super grateful she pushed me to do so, these kids just keep getting bigger.

Our candlelight dinner picture <3