EsterCobe52 Week 38 // Sweet

St. Valentines was Sunday. We did the typical at home dinner with candles. We haven’t been out for valentines day in YEARS. I know we are the odd balls, and that is just fine. In late 2019 I stopped drinking coffee, using refined sugar and using dairy. Yup, 2020 was interesting on all levels. However, I did grab some local chocolates this year for valentines to give to my valentine. In the end I also snacked on those sweets. All in moderation, right? In 2021 this week also holds Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras… both of which I celebrate because glitter and costumes (and donuts) – Yes please!

Tuesday my kiddos made fun Mardi Gras masks as they complained about their dislike of Paczki’s. The hubs had thoughtfully picked up a few at our local bakery and I may have had one myself. Surprisingly, the kids also found one of the five that they found acceptable to consume. (*enter a snicker there)

So this week, although so far it hasn’t all been sweet, has a sweet theme. Let’s see what we all come up with on this topic. I am guessing most of us could share something on this topic!

We make valentine treats for the local birdies, and this is sweet!


1. pick a camera, any camera, yes even a cell!
2. use the weekly prompt to inspire your weekly photo
3. take and post your photo to instagram, using the hashtag #estercobe52
4. watch your photography improve throughout the year, as you learn more about photography


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