EsterCobe52 Week 23 // Focus

It is election week. This is the week I typically focus inwardly. SO this week’s topic is “FOCUS”. Cameras today are amazing. Your cell phone will track faces as will your camera. This is a perfect way to help make sure your image is in focus. BUT, the one time when it really mattered… I handed my expensive 5 thousand dollar camera to my husband during the birth of my second son and OF COURSE the camera focused on ALL the wrong spots. Cameras, no matter what the cost, aren’t as intelligent as a human. SO, here are some tips to help ensure your photographs are in tip top focus!

Focus Tips on your phone

Chances are, at one time or another you’ve had your smartphone camera focus on something other than what you would like it to focus on or miss focus completely. The result in both situations is a blurry image. To help prevent this from happening, tap and hold on the spot you want the camera to focus until you see the yellow AE/AF Lock alert. Once that pops up, the automatic exposure metering and automatic focus metering have been locked on your subject and will not change.

Try This: Take one image without locking focus – then try pressing your screen to lock focus.

Focus Tips on your Digital Camera

Most cameras will allow you to tap on the screen to pick a point of focus. This will then follow that object as it moves. I personally use a little mouse on the back of my camera to select the exact point of focus. This is called Back Button Focusing. It takes an extra few seconds, but I find it most rewarding and with LEAST error.

Practice with Focal Points on Any Camera

Practice picking focus points. See what happens as you switch through the various automatic modes. Try putting the camera in manual mode and see what happens. Keep a list of things that work and things that you find challenging.

Focal Points in photography
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Tips on Focus for photography