EsterCobe52 Week 35 // Sleep

Catching your babies sleep is such a delight. My kiddos are only sleeping during dark hours, so this is more difficult than when they were babies and taking naps. BUT, adjust and adapt to life as it is ever changing <3

So if you have a napping subject, use the beautiful power of natural light.

If you are working with no light or a dark room you will want to turn on a lamp or have some sort of light to help illuminate your sleeping cherub. Make sure the light is on to their side so one side is lit nicely while the other side remains in darkness. This will give your subject depth and your eyes will be more interested due to the shadows/depth.

Don’t have a kiddo? Document a sleeping spouse or dog. My sweet dogs love to nap intertwined. It is so sweet, and so worth documenting. Stay tuned, I may just catch them on film before they move.

Here are the #EsterCobe52 weeks that are behind us <3 Use the links to learn or catch up!