EsterCobe52 Week 34 // Motion

Displaying motion in your photography can be accomplished in a few ways. My typical way is firing a fast shutter speed and capturing feet off the ground, which is amazing. Another way to show motion is to catch blur ini the image with a slower shutter speed. Neither is wrong, but both look completely different.

Fast Shutter Speed

Move your shutter speed up to at least 400 so that your camera can catch all of the wild moves crisply.

Catching Blur

To catch movement with a blurred subject you will need to slow your shutter speed down. I like to move to 1/60th for people but I play around with lower speeds too. If you are hoping to catch a moving vehicle it really does depend on their speed, but start with 1/125th and work your way down. For light sources 1/10 or longer. Running water is longer yet at 1/6 too 25 seconds. Remember back to the “water” #EsterCobe52?

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