EsterCobe52 Week 46 // Heirloom

When I think on this week of President’s day, I think of those timeless images of the presidents and their families. This week I encourage you to dive deep into the images of your past and identify those images that shine about others. I am thinking of the family portraits that make you tear up just a little. Those are the portraits I always hope to capture for my clients. Let’s talk a bit more about what makes them grab your eye and tug at your heart strings.

An heirloom image is timeless. It is an image that captures a moment in time that is memorable. Birthdays, Christmas, a super special item or loved one is typically the reason for the image that reminds you of its importance. Typically images that are heirloom aren’t first thought of as such. I typically need a few months away from an image to really appreciate it. Of course, knowing all of the elements of a WONDERFUL photograph are key in your brain recognizing the image as a treasure as well. This week I would review what you know and what you have learned from this year so far to capture your image.

Choosing a Subject and Location.

I would begin with something super special. If you do not have an anniversary, birthday or holiday this week to document, go with a special person. Grab your mom/dad or your children and snap a photograph of them in their element/habitat. For instance, run down to your children’s bedroom (when the lighting is nice) and have them strike a pose. Does it matter if the room is clean? To me, no. Everyone is different on this, but go with what is right for you. I know my children have a messy room MOST of the time. Documenting them looking like the wild animals they are in a messy room works for us. My kiddos are outdoors a TON. Photographing them while outdoors is just typical for us. It is basically how their childhood has been captured and so usually, when we are in a good light and nicely framed area, I ask them to smile.

If I was choosing a grandparent, and if your’s are still living PLEASE go photograph them, I would choose to document them in their setting. Time does fly by, and documenting your people in their element is key in creating heirloom images. These are images that will bring memories flooding back of how life was a a particular time in your life. My babies are nine and seven now, and every wild image I have when they were little is a treasure to me. You do not realize it in the moment, but wait a year… those images will become the same, a treasure. Take the photograph.

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Nature School, Michigan Photographer, Outdoor Learning, Forest School Milford, Photography Tips, Family lifestyle Photography, Heirloom images, Timeless photographs
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